Scheduled Reports Email Improvements

Blackbaud is rolling out the ability to schedule email reports in FENXT this month. I have begun testing it and have three features that should be considered:

  1. A "Stop Schedule" button in the "Edit Schedule" Screen...While testing the scheduling functionality, some kind of glitch caused my report to be mailed to me every 20 minutes, over and over again. Currently the only way to stop it is to delete the report entirely. That is a cumbersome workaround. And if you forget to copy your report first, you would need to build it all from scratch.

  2. A centralized "scheduled Reports manager" screen would be very helpful. As this feature is fully ramped-up and we start to take full advantage of it, we may have many reports queued up for generation on a variety of schedules to a variety of different individuals. Having a way to view and manage those schedules all on one screen will be necessary. Especially in a situation where a staff member is replaced, and you need to update recipients. The ability to quickly find and update all reports scheduled for that person would be helpful.

  3. Add the ability to include email addresses of non-FENXT users to the schedules. We have many managers that do not need access to FENXT but need to receive periodic reports. It would be great if we could just add them to this screen, instead of having to use Outlook Rules and Power Automate workarounds to pass them along to those individuals.

  • David Ullrey
  • Jun 6 2024
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  • Wendy Croker commented
    18 Jul 08:44pm

    Agreed with David & Dan. In particular we need to be able to email to people without BBIDs. Please vote and make our voices heard.

  • Dan Hout-Reilly commented
    11 Jun 01:50pm

    I'd love to see the ability to email the report as an Excel file as well!