Journal Entry - Add to batch

Entering a journal entry batch in NXT takes longer than entering a journal entry batch in FE7.  The reason why it takes longer to enter an entry  in NXT is because after each line you have to  "Add to Batch."   The "Add to Batch" should go away.  We should be able to move to the next line by either clicking on the next row or use the tab  button over like in FE7.  

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  • Nov 5 2019
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  • Twila Moore commented
    10 Jun 01:11pm

    Agree. Also, if you are trying to key in the batch, you have to wait for FE to catch up. Causes many errors. This also occurs in A/P invoice entry.

  • Hillary Cooper commented
    21 Oct, 2021 04:05pm

    There is a really cool feature you can use through an Excel add-in. You can create your JE in excel and simply import it to NXT. Our team recently started using it and it is so easy. There is a article on knowledgebase. Our IT admin had to add it to Excel.

  • Kathie Falcone commented
    22 Apr, 2021 03:27pm

    Also agree. This is inefficient on every level. Bring back to FE7 process for sure. I will be doing my entries in database view until this is changed in NXT. I really hope it is something Blackbaud has in the works.

  • Guest commented
    22 Apr, 2021 02:26pm

    Agree! Makes a JE with several lines more time consuming to enter.

  • Emily Hill commented
    1 Apr, 2020 09:53pm

    Agreed. Entering is inefficient

  • Lisa Ackendorf commented
    22 Jan, 2020 08:18pm

    Agreed. And can we go back to the grid for journal entry as in FE7. I do all my journal entries in FE7 as NXT is completely inefficient.  Between the add to batch button and viewing the entry in reverse  order, the whole thing makes me crazy. You should also be able to move around the grid with your arrow keys (up, down, left, right) instead of just the tab key or needing to use your mouse to click in a cell.