AP Line Item Description

Another change I think makes more work is under the line item in AP - the description - When I tab over to the description, it used to highlight it and if I was copying an invoice, I could just hit delete or copy my new description in, now I have to highlight the current description, then delete, then copy my new description. Also, when typing in the description, it used to not let you go over the amount of characters allowed, now you can keep typing and then when you go to save at the end of your invoice it pops up a message stating line item cannot exceed 50 characters. Then I have to go back to the description and figure out where I should cut it short. Was much easier when it stopped you instead of finding out at the end. Hoping all of these items will be returned to what they were and I agree, it is not as eye friendly. I little bit more color would help.

  • Karen Cannon
  • Feb 16 2022
  • Needs review
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