Drill down to source journal entry from Account Activity

The ability to drill down to the source within account activity. If I am looking at account activity and would like to see the entry where that line item came from, the only way is to make note of the transaction number and search through my journal entries. It would make sense to click that transaction number to view its entirety. Is this feature going to be added? I don't see the plan for it on the 'What's available in NXT' comparison info. 

  • Kristy Soular
  • Jun 11 2018
  • Future consideration
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  • Julie Koczera commented
    1 May, 2023 02:36pm

    We drill down from Account Querries to the actual source, actual journal entry or vendor invoice) to identify and fix coding errors. Having this feature in NXT is a must to simplify and speed up correcting entry processes. Please implement in NXT.

  • Twila Moore commented
    23 Sep, 2021 02:09pm

    Yes! Please implement this! It would also be helpful to be able to drill down from an FE batch gift to the actual gift in RE. We used to be able to do that in database view, but it is no longer working. Support is working on this for us.

  • Lisa Ackendorf commented
    10 Dec, 2020 04:55pm

    Yes. There are several "ideas" that mention this same thing. If you group them all I believe it would be substantial enough that you would want to implement this.

  • Mason Beaumont commented
    3 Feb, 2020 07:41pm

    Yes! I was surprised to find that when drilling down to the account activity from an income statement that the account activity excluded journal entries, which makes it look like the year-to-date balance in the account on the income statement doesn't actually agree to the sum of the activity in the account detail...  Why wouldn't the detail in the account activity have ALL the debits and credits that make up the year-to-date balance in that account (including journal entries)? 

    We have users (department heads) who have view-only access to FE NXT and when they drill down on a monthly statement of activity to find out what transactions were recorded to support the balance on the report, it is really confusing to them (and me) why/how some of the transactions (journal entries) are missing.