Hyperlink to batch or other source record when drilling into GL Detail

I would like to see more ability to drill down into source records when drilling down into transaction level detail in web view, such as we can do in database view. For example, from a Project page or an Account page, you can either click on a Period under "Activity" or a Category under "Budget", and you can click through to see GL detail transactions. Sometimes I do see hyperlinks in these lists - such as links to view Invoices... sometimes. But there are plenty of other times when there are no links to go to the source records. I know this is the case for manual Journal Entries. In database view we could always select an option to "View Source" - even if it's a Journal Batch, you could open it up. We will need this degree of drill-down to work properly if we are to say goodbye to database view.

  • Casey Richey
  • Dec 19 2023
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