Project End Date exported as a field in reports

We heavily use Custom Management Reports, because it's a great way to make a listing of Projects, with summarized activity such as Income, Expenses, Transfer, Net Change, Ending Balance. It's especially useful to send out to my directors at the end of each month so they know the Ending Balance available for spending in each of the Projects under their purview.

The one thing these reports are missing that would make them even more useful is the Project's "End Date". The Custom Management Report doesn't allow you to export Project End Date as a column in the report.

So far, I have not found any way in the system to generate a report that has rows for each Project, and exports BOTH the Project's balance AND the Project End Date. Has anyone found a good way to be able to export Project End Data along with financial summary data for the Project akin to what the Custom Management Reports offer?

  • Casey Richey
  • Apr 16 2024
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