Export columns for Project financial activity and Project fields in one report

We have lots of Projects, and we run lots of Project based reports where each row is a different project, and the columns share a lot of financial summary info for the Project (such as Beginning Balance, Income, Expenses, Gifts, Transfers, Net Change, Ending Balance). So far the Custom Management Report works best for this, as you can add and define columns with versatility. But why can't we also add informational columns, such as Project Type, Project Status, Project Division, Project Location? It would be really helpful to add these to the list of "Description" Type columns to choose from. Seems like it would be an easy feature to add to that list, since we can already select from other properties/attributes of the Project (though, oddly, it displays in the drop-down menu as "Account _______" descpite the fact that it ends up giving us Project information). Seems to me like maybe Blackbaud just needs to add another type of Project report that's versatile enough to list Projects as rows and let the user select the Columns in a versatile manner similar to the Custom Management Report.

  • Casey Richey
  • Dec 19 2023
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