Allow everyday users to assist in testing products before implementation

It's very clear that the Feb 22nd update is extremely unpopular based on the community pages. Allow the BB Community to test products in a controlled environment before implementing them. Who better to tell you what is and isn't functioning properly than the people who are using this software every day?

  • Brian Theis
  • Mar 23 2022
  • Needs review
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  • Emily BC commented
    25 Apr, 2022 05:38pm

    I'd be happy to be a tester! I imagine it wouldn't be difficult to get a good cross-section of users, so that the folx who are working hard on the system can roll out functions that we need and want, without taking away features that we rely on. I imagine there is greater job satisfaction in getting it right, than having to get all of our negative feedback after.

  • Larissa Campbell commented
    23 Mar, 2022 06:38pm

    Yes! It is very obvious that whoever is making the changes is not an end user of the product.

  • Anna M Midkiff commented
    23 Mar, 2022 03:33pm

    Totally agree! The updates to Treasury are a huge time suck. Sticky views are gone and this slows me down so much, having to sort, re-sort, and adjust columns to get the right view adds way too much time to day to day tasks.