Recent updates in Expense Mgmt are resulting in lots of bugs. Please fix!

A recent update to Expense Management is causing lots of bugs.

Often times I just get "spinning" of my "thinking cursor" when I am trying to approve invoices.

Also, selecting an Expense Category requires 200% more key-strokes than it used to and is definitely decreasing my productivity.

And, I see many bugs when trying to split my distribution of these invoices.

This is very annoying, especially when IT USED TO WORK MUCH BETTER.

There is obviously a new developer on the BB team who is showing their wiz-bang skills, but reign them in and use what your customers are used to and there may be a lot less frustration from them.

Q: Cloud software vs desktop software??

Desktop every single time. These annoying updates and are frustrating to the point of wanting to switch software.

  • Nicole Soos
  • Jun 17 2022
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