Eliminating the bank Registry

It would be great if we could reconcile the bank at the GL level only and thus avoid all of these issues of the GL not reconciling to the registry due to the voiding of checks and other various date issues.  Other software companies allow you to reconcile at the GL level.  When checks are voided, they should only affect the month in which they are voided in, not the original date in which they were entered.   You could make it so that the end user has the option of deciding whether the “registry” will be a mirror image of the “GL” by flipping a permanent switch.   Another solution may be that once you void a check, it would only affect the registry with an entry on the voided date in the future, thus mirroring what happens on the GL.

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  • Oct 18 2016
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    9 Feb, 2018 08:56pm

    Hi Armando,

    Unfortunately we need to keep this capability as part of our controls and best practices within our application. We'd love to hear any further feedback you have on this so please feel free to email me at david.vroblesky@blackbaud.com if you'd like to discuss it further.