You should be able to edit AR miscellaneous payment deposits after they have been reconciled

I was using FE database to put in a deposit through the AR module. I used the miscellaneous payments option to manually enter in the GL account code compared to using the add/edit applications tab and applying it to an invoice. I realized I made an error in the coding, but I cannot edit the GL account coding in the deposit since it has already been reconciled.

I find this odd because if a deposit uses the add/edit applications tab to apply the payment to an invoice, I can then go back and reapply the deposit to different invoices even if the deposit has already been reconciled. The only thing is I need to change the post date to an open fiscal period. Reapplying to a different invoice can still change the GL account code that it was originally posted to. So I don't quite understand the difference between being able to change the application, but not being able to change the miscellaneous payment account code. Instead, I need to manually enter in a journal entry to change it to the correct code.

I think there should be an option on the miscellaneous payments tab to change the GL account code distribution and then just change the post date to an open fiscal period.

  • Kevin Merrell
  • Mar 30 2022
  • Needs review
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