Include void checks in Not Yet Posted transactons when running GL report

When I run GL report for cash and select "include not yet posted" transactions, the voided checks do not appear in the cash account. When I reconcile my cash account - which I first do outside the system in XL - I run the GL report to verify all the activity appears in the GL and that the ending balance per my XL spreadsheet agrees to GL. Without the voided checks appearing as non-posted. my cash account will be understated. Is there anyway that those voided checks can appear as non-posted activity? I believe they once were included as I have been doing my reconciliations this way for 2 years and never have run into this problem before. Thanks

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  • Aug 23 2016
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  • Marc Seleman commented
    10 Dec, 2016 03:15pm

    I can't attest to the fact that unposted voided checks should show up when you run this report or not.  If you have experience with them showing up in the past this very well could be a bug.  Your best bet in that case would be to contact support and report it.

    My recommendation prior to running your GL report for reconciling is to make sure all transactions affecting your cash account are posted (AP, AR, CR, GL, PY).

    Also, have you considered using the Cash Management module for doing your bank reconciliations?  I don't know if you have it and just didn't realize you could reconcile within FE?  Or if there is a particular reason you have chosen not to do so?  I just know that auditors prefer having it done within the software.

    If you aren't sure you have it or are interested in adding that functionality to your FE database let me know.