Online Payroll Stub Access by Employees

Employees will have ability to access payroll stubs and not have to wait for mail interruptions, etc.

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  • Oct 13 2016
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    Eddie Barker commented
    25 Sep, 2020 06:11pm

    Hi David,

    Thanks for reaching out. As you may know, shortly after this announcement, we were notified of some alleged financial improprieties by the founder of IOIPay. The company filed for bankruptcy, and the assets (including the code base) were acquired by PrimePay, who then became one of our two premier vendors for payroll and HCM solutions. We've been working closely them and our other partner (more in a minute), and you can find out more at

    We also added another premier partner, Paycor, who also has a great deal of experience with the nonprofit space. You can find them at

    These two vendors have integration to Financial Edge NXT available. That integration is in the form of using our public SKY API endpoints to create balanced journal entries from your payroll runs (debits to gross wage splits and employer expenses, credits to liabilities and cash), and both have been well-received.

    We also wanted to make sure you had the opportunity to select any modern payroll vendor you wanted to. If they can issues calls to our public endpoints (and some very extensive documentation is available at, integration as described above is absolutely achievable. There's also the free journal entry Excel add-in from the Microsoft Store available if they are unable to use SKY API, and of course, import is still available in database view.

    I hope this helps in your trusted payroll partner decision moving forwards. Have a great day!

    Eddie Barker

    Product Manager, Financial Edge NXT

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    24 Sep, 2020 09:43pm

    IOIPay is no longer Blackbaud's preferred payroll partner. What now?

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    Eddie Barker commented
    19 Jun, 2019 02:55pm

    We announced on 6/18/2019 that IOIPay has been selected as our preferred payroll partner. Blackbaud will not be doing any additional feature development on our payroll capabilities. We will still fix critical bugs and release EOY tax updates in December 2019 and December 2020. No end-of-support date has yet been announced. Once that date is reached, payroll will be inaccessible in Financial Edge. To arrange a demo of IOIPay Payroll/HCM capabilities as you plan your conversion, you can contact Thanks!