NXT Webview - Dashboards by Fiscal Year!!

When creating a dashboard, we only have the option to choose "Accounts by ... Year, Quarter, Month" which means if you choose 'by year' to see everything at once, it splits up the detailed transactions by calendar year - there is no way to choose Fiscal year.  If someone clicks on the first blue bar, to view their actual expenses, the comparison of Actual to Budget will only include months in 2017.  They then have to click on the second blue bar to see months in 2018.


The system allows me to choose a date range (fiscal year) for the “Post Date” but it still separates the output data by calendar years.  Currently, I am unable to roll out Dashboards in NXT webview because it will create confusion for our non-financial staff. 


We should be able to view all months of the fiscal year added together on the output!  See attached for screenshot of what I'm talking about.



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  • Mar 13 2018
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  • Donella Robb commented
    24 Oct, 2023 05:23am

    Please also add fiscal years to custom insights & dashboards too

  • Christopher Brons commented
    26 Oct, 2020 05:10pm

    This should be a no brainer. Everyone has a fiscal year. Many don't match up with the calendar year. Without a fiscal year many reports are useless when comparing to other years.

  • April Kulpa commented
    16 Sep, 2019 12:56pm

    UConn also needs all reporting by fiscal year!  Hoping an Admin will comment soon!

  • Barb Gibbons commented
    26 Jun, 2018 04:46pm

    It would be nice to have the option to choose how you want it displayed.  But I agree that Calendar Year view on a budget for a school is not helpful.

  • Katie Turner commented
    26 Jun, 2018 12:33pm

    I've been talking to support about this as well!  WTH?? Isn't Blackbaud a primarily K-12 and higher ed software provider??? How many schools function on a calendar year?? Dashboard is COMPLETELY useless for us as is!

  • Bridget Meacham commented
    31 May, 2018 02:57pm

    YES YES YES! I just talked to support about this. I cannot do dashboards until we have the ability to use fiscal years.