FE NXT Projects - Add Summary Note

In RE NXT Constituent Records, there is the ability to add a summary note which displays at the top of the screen underneath the Constituent name. A similar summary note for FE Projects would be great to allow for a short description of the project purpose in a prominent place that the user could see at a glance when viewing a Project record.

  • Donella Robb
  • Jan 25 2018
  • Already exists
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  • Donella Robb commented
    28 Jun, 2018 12:59am

    See the attached file for what the Summary Note looks like in RE NXT

  • Donella Robb commented
    28 Jun, 2018 12:56am

    I'm following up again, as I did talk to someone at Blackbaud about this, and what they suggested was an annotation. That works, but wasn't exactly what I had in mind, as that means that annotations are then not available for true alerts. 

    What I was thinking of is something like the Summary note in Raiser's Edge in the Constituent record which displays under the Constituent Name in the record header (it is a Note in RE7 with a note type of "RE NXT Summary".

  • Donella Robb commented
    4 Mar, 2018 08:16pm

    Are you sure this already exists?  I don't see anywhere to add a summary note in the top section below the Project name, other than the Notes section and notes there are combined with Actions in the same section (and they are below the actions.  Perhaps someone could reach out to me directly, and I could screenshare to show you what I mean?