Change the Editable ACH / NACHA Fields

Currently, the ACH file is hardcoded to code 5200 which means "all debits and credit"  Some banks, our new one, requires this code to be 5220 which is 'debits only'.  There is also a hard-coded code of 8200 which some banks require be 8220.

We have to edit the file EVERY TIME we issue ACH files which is ridiculous. 

  • Karen Lovett
  • Jul 3 2017
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  • Summer Loveland commented
    24 Mar, 2022 09:37pm

    We communicated with Javier Medina on 3/24/22 regarding this issue. It has been almost 5 yrs since another client of BB requested a solution for this. With the increased use of ACH for payments, it is hard to believe that only a couple of clients have requested this. We ask that you work on a solution.

    Summer Loveland - The Real Estate Council- 3/24/22

  • Summer Loveland commented
    24 Mar, 2022 09:31pm

    I want to vote for this idea as we are having the same issue. This needs to be corrected by BB.

    • Our bank, Bank of Texas, requires that all ACH credits in a batch be coded with the Record Type Code of “5” and a Service Class Code of “220”.

    • The file we are retrieving from Financial Edge codes the ACH credits as 5200 instead of 5220.

    • See the attached NACHA ACH code.pdf presentation, page 8. This is a presentation from the Nacha Payments Institute which shows the use of Record Type Code of “5” and Service Class Code of “220”

    • See the JPM cbo_nacha_filespecs.pdf page 6. This JPM Chase presentation states that they require service class code 220 to be used when all transactions in the batch are ACH credits. This is the case for us as we only process ACH Credits. Our bank is not Chase, but this is just an example that this requirement appears to be industry-wide and not just our bank.

    • See febanks.pdf page 129 – This is the BB manual which shows the format for ACH files includes a Service Class Code of 220 when the file includes Credits only. This is in line with what we need, but FE is not actually functioning as described in the BB manual.

    • The solution we have been given from the BB Help Desk is to manually edit each batch. This is not a reasonable solution. It is subject to high risk of manual error and is time consuming.