Include changes to account balances in the batch balancing information

When there are journal entries that have many lines and are usually reclassing or adjusting amounts to/from different cash or revenue accounts, it is nice to see how the entries effect the account balances when validating the entry.  It is a double check to make sure the adjusting entry was debited/credited correctly.  For example: I am reclassing $10000 cash and/or revenue from one fund to another or to a different revenue account that have many lines or a few lines too.  I want to make sure the account I want the amount to be in was credited/debited properly. 

Microsoft Navision does this.  That is a feature that they have and i love it.  Will this feature be useful when trying to get a company to switch systems or keep F/e?

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  • Apr 13 2017
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  • Marc Seleman commented
    13 Apr, 2017 05:27pm

    You can run a report that includes "not yet posted" transactions to see what the effect was of your activity.  That has always been an effective way of double-checking your data entry.