Invoice data entry lag time

In FENXT, if you start typing in the account code, a pop-up drop-down box is generated. However, if you completely type in the code and hit tab, it doesn't keep the numbers you typed in, often leaving the box blank because you didn't choose something from the drop-down. It is a very inefficient process for finance staff that know exactly what they're typing and just want to get through the data entry quickly. FENXT simply cannot keep up with the speed of data entry that is needed.

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  • Apr 11 2024
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  • Roberta A. Gilbert commented
    29 Apr 08:22pm

    Heartily agree. Waiting for a dropdown to appear just to type a date or a GL account number really slows things down, especially if you're a keyboard warrior, and you know your account numbers by heart (as most of us do!). To have to switch to a mouse and click the down arrow and then wait.... and then click the calendar date or the acct number you want, and then click away from it to "set" the choice is really cumbersome. I'm used to tabbing through lines of input without stopping to wait for the software to keep up.