Insight Customization Options

The insight tables really need work. They are too limited.

In my mind, the insight tables need to act like a SQL data tables with a drag and drop function. I'm not asking for overly complicated functions like "cases whens" or "data translations", but then there is a table in Blackbaud housing my data, I should be able to grab data from that table and group it with data from other tables to create a customized Insight.

For example, I can create a transaction list Insight, but I am not able to pull in the journal reference field from the source table, because it is not an option to select in the insight. I know it exists, and I know the field's name, but it hasn't been added to the insight's data catalog. Further, I cannot add invoice data from the invoice table to my 'transaction list Insight'. As soon as I commit to one table or the other, the other table fields are hidden. Why can't we group by GL#, Date, and Journal Entry #?

If I am making an insight table with Project codes/IDs, the table will only bring in data with a Project ID and NOT allow 'empty values' even if I have 'empty values' checked in the filter. This is a clear bug. The user know best how they want their information and data presented, and the insights should give us the freedom to create what we need.

Instead, what we have is a hand-held experience that limits me to the predetermined functionality of a given Insight. At the least if the insight tables cannot be revamped, we should be given a simple SQL function where I could write my own queries and get data real time that way.

  • Paul Moldovan
  • Mar 4 2024
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