Vendor Summary options that are available in Database, move to FENXT

The Summary function that is currently available on each vendor record in the database view is very helpful way to grab quick data on a vendor. The data can be ran by fiscal year or calendar year for up to 2 periods for General, Activity, and 1099 activity. I use it regularly and don't see where this is available in NXT. There is a Summary tile within the vendor record in NXT when you click on all activity, but it is defaulted at calendar year and appears to just be a line graph of activity for all time. Also, it can not be filtered down to just the 1099 activity. I know there are other ways to get this data, but this feature was right at the finger tip and I would not like to go backward by losing this ability with the transition to NXT.

  • Jennifer Hughes
  • Feb 27 2024
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