When posting multiple journal entries at once, the batch number should not change on report

When posting journal entry batches, and using the option to select multiple batches and Validate and Post them all at the same time, the batch number that prints at the top-center of the Post Report displays as the lowest batch number of the group. However, the original batch number on the left, and that is posted into the general ledger, does not change (thankfully). The batch number that prints in the top-center of the Post Report should be the same as the original batch number. Two different batch numbers displaying on this report creates confusion.

  • Samantha Henley
  • Aug 28 2023
  • Reviewed: Need Further Info
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  • Admin
    V-Mohit Kumar commented
    28 Aug, 2023 10:11pm

    Hi Samantha - Thank you for your post. I just attempted to select and post a few batches, and while doing so, I noticed that the batch numbers on the left and center match. Could you maybe provide more information regarding this issue, such as specific steps and screenshots, etc.? Please feel free to comment here or contact support to have a new case created so that this can be investigated.