Budget import - allow accounts, projects AND notes on one import template

Please add the ability to import budgets with accounts, projects AND notes.

We budget by account and project. We include detailed notes on each account entry so the managers can remind themselves what was budgeted, and aid in projecting future spending.

The current budget import options allow either account and note, or account and project, but not account, project AND note.

This means I have to choose to import with accounts and projects, then manually add notes (to hundreds of records), or I have to import by account and note, then allocate those same hundreds of records to projects.

It's a terribly manual system that needs to be improved.

  • Jill Knowland
  • Jan 12 2023
  • Reviewed: Need Further Info
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  • Jill Knowland commented
    19 Oct, 2023 08:59pm

    Now I can get the notes in, but I can't get them to show on any report. They don't do much good if they can't be seen. Any hints on how to produce a budget report that includes the notes imported?

  • Jill Knowland commented
    19 Oct, 2023 08:44pm

    Oh! My mistake. The note is in column A, and my sheet had that column hidden. It DOES work!

  • Jill Knowland commented
    19 Oct, 2023 08:41pm

    I updated my excel and can now use the budget creator, but there is no option to add notes, that I can find. This is the same as importing the budget by account and project, but I need to be able to import notes as well.

    Am I missing a feature in this add-on? Is anyone able to import budget records by account, project AND account level notes?

  • Admin
    V-Mohit Kumar commented
    13 Mar, 2023 08:33am

    Hi Jill - I hope this issue has been resolved for you. If you have further questions, please let us know. Thanks.

  • Jill Knowland commented
    14 Jan, 2023 02:05am

    Thank you Mohit - this add-on doesn't seem to work for me (it won't launch).when I have an hour to spare, I'll try to contact support again.

  • Jill Knowland commented
    14 Jan, 2023 01:42am

    Thank you Mohit. I use the database view importer. I haven't heard of this Add-In (and clearly neither had the support person I was chatting with for a long time, trying to figure out how to get my project code and notes into the budget). I will check it out. Wish I had known about it before doing this all by hand yesterday.

  • Admin
    V-Mohit Kumar commented
    13 Jan, 2023 08:44am

    Hi Jill - thanks for reaching out. Just wanted to clarify, do you use database view import utility or the Budget Creator Excel Add-In for budget import?

    If you haven't tried Budget Creator Excel Add-In, please give it a try and you will be able to add/edit a budget scenario with accounts, projects, grants and notes at once.

    Note: With Budget Excel Add-in, you can only add/edit one budget scenario at a time.

    Please let us know if you have any additional questions.