Posting A/P to G/L should have option to leave batch open in G/L (not auto-posted)

Especially when it comes to prepaid expenses that are paid through invoices in accounts payable, it would be nice, especially at year-end, to enter the invoice as is normally done (expensed to the appropriate expense accounts), 'post' from a/p to g/l, but, like RE7, to have what's been posted to the G/L remain in an 'open' status so that the accounts can be changed in G/L from expense to prepaid, then reversed (possibly reversed a couple of times to get the prepaid and expense correct).

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  • Dec 14 2016
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  • Marc Seleman commented
    20 Jan, 2017 04:43pm

    I think this is a controls issue.  Normally you don't want information from a sub-ledger to be able to be changed in the general ledger without an audit trail as it could cause reconciliation issues between GL and the sub-ledger.

    Instead, once posted from AP, you can use the reversal and copy batch functions in the Journal Entry area.