Be able to put a contract amount in, be able to apply invoices to that contract and have FE notify us when we are beyond the contract amount.

If an organization enters into a contract with a vendor and the services are not to exceed X amount, it would be nice to enter that amount into FE for that vendor and when invoices are entered for the vendor against the contract FE would track the amounts and when invoices total the contract amount we would be notified.

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  • Dec 12 2016
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  • Marc Seleman commented
    12 Dec, 2016 04:18pm

    If you have Purchase Orders as part of AP you can do this by using a blanket purchase order:

    If you don't have Purchase Orders you could set up a Project code.  Then set a budget for that project code.  Use the project code on all invoices.  Set your business rule to notify when the project budget will be exceeded.

    Hope this helps. Any other questions you can email me directly at