Bring back PDF export in NXT

I am now unable to export a report to PDF in NXT. Instead, I have to open up database view and then export to PDF. Which also is now even more of a process because we can no longer export directly to an application. Now a file must be saved to my computer, then I have to go find that file to open it up. What was once a process that took a few seconds, now takes a few minutes.

Originally: In NXT->export to PDF

Now: In NXT->open database view->run report->export report to file saved on computer->find file->open

I don't understand why an update would take exporting to PDF in NXT away. It is very frustrating and very inefficient.

  • Kevin Merrell
  • Mar 9 2022
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  • Kevin Merrell commented
    9 Mar, 2022 10:15pm

    I contacted support and they were able to fix the exporting issue.