Printing from Chrome

We are new to NXT and it is very frustrating to not be able to print directly from Chrome. I understand we can export to a PDF, download, open and than print. I am told this function used to work - is it possible it will be available again?

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  • Sep 30 2021
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  • David Ullrey commented
    23 Oct, 2023 03:00am

    Have you tried hitting Ctrl+P while clicked into the generated document? I went a long time thinking printing from chrome was completely broken until one day I hit ctrl+p randomly from muscle memory and it worked! still get errors trying other traditional ways, but ctrl+P seems to work around the problem for my team.

  • Kelly Springer commented
    25 Apr, 2023 06:41pm

    This problem also affects check alignment when printing paper checks from Chrome. When I download a PDF to print on check stock the alignment is not the same as if I were to print directly from a different browser. For example, when I print checks from Safari the alignment is good, but when I download a PDF from Chrome and then print the checks the alignment is off. I have tried adjusting the check alignment from Chrome, but I can never get the alignment to be accurate on all parts of the check stock after downloading the PDF and printing.