1099 Vendor "Yes" and "No"

It would be very helpful to be able to identify a vendor as not required to issue a 1099.  Right now you can only identify that a vendor is supposed to receive one.  If you could say "No" then you could tell that you have evaluated this vendor and don't need to re-visit the subject again.

  • Lynn Pike
  • Nov 28 2016
  • Future consideration
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  • Danette Alles commented
    8 Nov, 2018 08:03pm

    We are actually on FE7, not NXT. I just like the idea of the check box for tax classification on the Vendor, period. It’s something that is relevant to all organizations (even if they don’t care to track it), not specific to some, so seems like it should be a standard field. I did go in and look at setting up an attribute for a Vendor record, and that works as well as a note, but I doubt it will save me much time in adding new vendors.

  • Deleted User commented
    7 Nov, 2018 06:57pm

    Thanks, Danette. What are your thoughts on using a "Custom field" on vendors to track this information? They can be found in NXT under Control panel > Fields and tables.

  • Danette Alles commented
    6 Nov, 2018 02:57pm

    I don’t like just a yes or no box as far as whether we have to issue a 1099 or not. That leaves a lot of room for error and questions. I like to know which classification has been declared, as in S corp, Partnership, Individual/Sole Propiertorship. It gives me immediate answers in case I question whether or not the Vendor was designated incorrectly on accident.

    Danette Alles
    Assistant Controller
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  • Deleted User commented
    6 Nov, 2018 02:49pm

    Hi everyone! We do have a checkbox on Vendor records in NXT that signifies whether or not you hvae to issue a 1099 for that vendor. You can also filter on vendors in the Vendor list page and use the 1099 filtering option to only include those vendors. How does this match up in solving this need?

  • Guest commented
    1 Aug, 2018 02:36am

    This shouldn't be a note in the vendor. It should be right on the face of the vendor page. 

  • Danette Alles commented
    5 Feb, 2018 02:52pm

    I've set up a note that lists the taxpayer classification so that I know this information if I ever question it, but it would be nice if it was a simple checkbox instead of having to go in to type the note.

  • Marc Seleman commented
    30 Nov, 2016 01:51pm

    You could set up an attribute on the vendor to track that info.