Designate a Vendor as a 1099 Vendor at Any Time

Currently, if any invoice is generated and the vendor has not been designated as a 1099 vendor, the invoice will not be included in the $ amount on the 1099. An adjustment would have to be made to include it. We should be able to check the 1099 box at any time during the year and have all invoices for that vendor included on the 1099.

  • Karen Starkey
  • Oct 6 2021
  • Needs review
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  • Ashley Levine commented
    22 Dec, 2023 03:14pm

    True. It's not like someone wasn't, and then was, so you'd only need some of them coded that way: it's more likely that in a cleanup or reconciliation/ verification process, it was discovered that they were mis-marked, so their whole record should shift over. Or let us select, through some easy mechanism, like a checkbox and save process, which amounts should be 1099 amounts.