For 1099 vendors - pop-up to user to edit 1099 distribution when an invoice amount is over-ridden at creation

When an invoice is created from the receipt on a purchase order the actual invoice amount may be of a different amount.  when the amount is over-ridden at the create invoice level, the system should prompt for the 1099 distribution to be edited as well.  Currently, this is causing the 1099 amount not to match the actual invoice paid amount.  For example a purchase order was created and receipted with an amount of $6,000 but the actual invoice created from the receipt was for only $5,000.  The invoice amount was changed immediately upon creation but the 1099 distribution was not prompted for edit and was overlooked until time to process the forms.  This prompt should only occur for vendors marked as 1099 vendors.

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  • Jan 18 2017
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