More Granularity in Security settings

It would be helpful if the security settings distinguished between report running and Expense Management tasks. I have my department heads set up to only see certain accounts (via a query) so that when they run a report they only see the accounts they oversee.

BUT, this means that in Expense Management they can't submit an invoice or a credit card charge to another department for approval or review because they don't have rights to that department's accounts.

They are only trying to submit a charge to another department - not approve it - and the system should allow for this flexibility and granularity. Right now it's one size fits all as far as the security settings.

  • Courtney Garcia
  • May 6 2021
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  • Yvette Mattox commented
    14 Apr, 2022 08:21pm

    I completely agree with Courtney Garcia. Seems like it would be an easy fix to create account security rights separately for each module ie Expense Mgmt, Reports, and Budgeting. I need users to have expense mgmt access to a several accounts, but only reporting and/or budgeting access to limited accounts.

  • Tyler Brown commented
    7 Mar, 2022 02:22pm

    I'm surprised that this isn't an issue for more people. I run into this all the time. I have two directors that sometimes split expenses since they are in the same general location, but I don't want them to see the other's expense reports.