Allow us to delete or ignore a credit card transaction feed record if rejected.

We import all of our transactions from credit cards through the direct feed feature. Often the feature does not import perfectly and duplicates occur. Sometimes our users overlook the duplicate and reenter information. After these records are created we can no longer delete or "ignore" the feed record. Allow us to "ignore" if the request after it has been rejected so it doesn't remain on the "rejected" list forever. It fills up over time and our users can no longer see if they have to pay attention to a record and correct the information to resubmit. Or at least allow us to delete it.

  • La'amea Lunn
  • Apr 1 2020
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  • Esther Wheaton commented
    7 Mar 02:03pm

    This is an ongoing issue - it seems like it should be an easy fix, and resolving it by putting it all the way through approvals and crediting it out with a credit memo is an appalling amount of work for something that should be built in.

  • Alex Zimmerman commented
    17 May, 2021 09:41pm

    Blackbaud, this seems like it would be an easy fix. Can you please let Admin use the "Ignore" button even if a credit card charge has been touched by the end user?

  • Stephanie Sproul commented
    6 Apr, 2020 09:47pm

    yes....especially since the credit card feed has an issue where it is importing duplicate charges. This would be helpful