Unrecorded Status Filter for Credit Cards

There should be a filter to show "Unrecorded" transactions on the Payable - Credit card activity list. This is helpful to our office to show us who has not "completed" their paperwork and submitted their charge for approval. Right now, to see these charges you have to remove all filters from this page and scroll through the entire list of transactions. The only other option is to export the entire unfiltered list to excel and filter by Transaction Status "Unrecorded" on the excel file.

If it's a filterable status in excel it should be a filterable status in Blackbaud to remove extra steps in other programs. With 130 Blackbaud credit cards being connected to this feed it's going to become in extremely long unfiltered list in a very short time.

  • Kristy Soular
  • Dec 7 2023
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  • Kristy Soular commented
    14 Dec, 2023 07:14pm

    I see that option, but I need a setting to show the transactions that have not been touched at all. When I click 'Show only unrecorded' I am still seeing the items that are "Submitted" and "In Progress" There are times when I need to know who is not logging in to touch their transactions waiting for them. We just loaded over 130 cards and this list is going to get very long. It's not a huge deal, I just thought there would be a filter for those that are "untouched"

  • Admin
    Hallie Hurwitz commented
    14 Dec, 2023 06:47pm

    Hi - There is a checkbox to 'Only show unrecorded' towards the top right of the screen.