WebPortal - Make project field required

Since the project field is hidden in the Distribution link, it is easy for invoice request creators to miss the field leaving it blank.   Making the field required (same as attachments) would avoid wasting time getting the correct project or rejecting invoice and having it go through approval process again.

  • Marlene Genereux
  • May 20 2019
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  • Marlene Genereux commented
    25 Oct, 2019 09:25pm

    Thank you.

  • Julia Petit commented
    25 Oct, 2019 07:38pm

    We can get it figured out! I think it might best for you to reach out to our support team for assistance on this one. They'll be able to see why this might not be showing and walk through some of the considerations of making this change.

  • Marlene Genereux commented
    25 Oct, 2019 06:52pm


    I am just not seeing it. FE > G/L > Records > Projects ��� now how do I set it to be a required field in WebPortal? There is a step I���m missing.


  • Julia Petit commented
    21 Oct, 2019 01:59pm

    Good to hear from you! This should still be possible. When it comes to the requirement of projects on the GL distribution of transactions (Project which are found under General Ledger in NXT or under GL > Records in database view) these are defined on the Fund record.

  • Marlene Genereux commented
    17 Oct, 2019 01:07pm

    I am referring to the 5 digit project codes not Funds in our case.   When you go to the distribution link, the field labeled project ID.

  • Julia Petit commented
    6 Jun, 2019 01:22pm

    HI Marlene, Thanks for the suggestion. This is possible by way of the fund requirements within database view > General Ledgers > Configuration > Funds. Here you can set your projects to required for either all accounts or income statement accounts. This will make this required for any transaction using an account with that fund.