Add an attribute that only certain G/L accounts that we specify will be considered 1099

This would be extremely useful for an organization that processes thousands of 1099s as we do. In 2017, we issued 1,668 1099s and in 2018 we issued 2,300 (continues to grow every year). If we could specify specific G/L accounts that should be considered 1099, this would be extremely beneficial. We pay our Consultants a presenter fee as well as travel. Our policy is to only 1099 the presenter fee. We had to do about 80% manual adjustments last year since FE will automatically charge everything as 1099 when marked 100% even when a G/L account has not been selected. It also will not select anything as 1099 if marked 0% even when we put in a Presenter Fee Charge G/L account. If we only had a few invoices it would not be an issue; however, with the amount of invoices we process as our organization grows, the issue has grown. I would imagine other growing organizations would experience the same difficulties. 

I would think an attribute could assist in this issue. For example, “any expenses in an invoice with the G/L Account 01-5354-25-38 Presenter/Trainer Fee CRP – General Spring Trainings should be marked 1099 eligible” and “any expensed in an invoice with the G/L account 01-6404-25-38 Travel CRP-General Spring Trainings should not be marked 1099.”  We know how to make the manual adjustments in the system, but trying to find some work arounds for efficiency and accuracy as our volume in invoices are so high.  

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  • Mar 29 2019
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  • Mark Rowan commented
    7 Aug, 2023 02:30pm

    I couldn't agree more, as we are suffering from the same issue.

    What a disappointment to see that this suggestion has been ignored for 4 years. Sure would be nice for FE to address user concerns in a timely manner.