Allow reuse of check numbers (have a setting to allow)

We have run in to a problem with check numbers having been used 18 years ago in the same bank account.  There is no workaround, so we will have to scrap checks.

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  • Nov 30 2017
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  • Deleted User commented
    15 Dec, 2017 05:38pm

    Perfect, thank you. That makes sense and I'm assuming we could get some general sense of how frequently this happens based on the number of "check number" possibilities and volume of checks being processed. We appreciate the additional information and I would encourage any other users who encounter this to chime in and vote on the idea!

  • Guest commented
    15 Dec, 2017 05:24pm

    We would get written permission from Finance executives to do this, and document it some way in the account.  These numbers were used 18 years ago, so auditors wouldn't even notice.  I wouldn't think we would ever use it unless it was quite a time span.  At some point, we'll all want to "start over" with check numbers if we stay with the same bank.

  • Deleted User commented
    15 Dec, 2017 04:59pm

    Thanks, Meredith! Appreciate the additional feedback. If we allowed users to re-use check numbers, do you have any feedback on how you think this might affect your audit process or internal controls?

  • Guest commented
    6 Dec, 2017 07:02pm

    Voiding and purging removes them entirely from the system.  Not an option for us.

  • Guest commented
    6 Dec, 2017 07:01pm

    Once a check is reconciled, you can't renumber it, but thanks.

  • Julia Petit commented
    6 Dec, 2017 06:42pm

    Renumbering checks could definitely be an option.  For example if you were wanting to reuse check 1234, you could renumber to 99991234 (or another number you feel strongly you'd never use).  The other option depending on how far back you need to maintain the history of these checks would be to void and then purge them. 

  • Deleted User commented
    6 Dec, 2017 06:19pm

    Would using the "Renumber" payments option help?