Bank Reconciliation on NXT - Need "Select All" and "Print Report"

Recently we could start reconciling our bank accounts on NXT.  However, unlike the database for reconciling, you cannot select all, then go back and unselect those that did not clear, which is vital for the 100s of transactions that can be processed out of our account.  While this issue may be fixed when/if we use bank feeds, it would be a nice option if bank feeds aren't used.  Also currently in the database, you can print right after reconciling the account, while in NXT you must go to reports and then print.  While it wouldn't be an extreme need, when you are reconciling multiple accounts, it is nice to print when you finish, then move onto the next.  It's just an ease of use that we got used to in the database view.

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  • May 15 2017
  • Future consideration