Make the Bank Draft Payment Date in NXT the Scheduled Payment Date

Make NXT function the same as database view in regards to the bank draft payment date being the schedule payment date of the invoice as noted in the below knowledgebase article.

  • Dan Hout-Reilly
  • Dec 13 2023
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  • Guest commented
    13 Dec, 2023 06:23pm

    I completely agree with this! I have a feeling that this will really mess up a lot of people when they are expecting draft payments to be handled the exact same way in both DB & NXT. I know it is going to really cause havoc in my system. Will the DB view be around forever so I can keep paying bank drafts the way I currently do?

    It will now cause me (and other users) to have to ensure the correct dates for all draft payments have been set when processing payments instead of relying on the due date that is already built into the invoice. Instead of NXT making things more simple, it is now making them more complicated. For example, right now I can set a vendor record to always have their invoices due 15 days from the invoice date, which is the following month - and have it "paid" in the system without thinking of what that draft date needs to be. It's already automated . . . please don't take that away!