Restore all Datatbase View Functions present on Jan 1 2023

We are having major problems with the Visual Chart Organizer being taken away in Database view. The web view does not allow to filter lines by Fund. There is also no ablity to search the whole template for GL account codes. You have to manually click each line to find codes you are looking to find. We added several new GL codes in August and it has created a very bad situation where existing Income Statements and Balance Sheet reports are not working properly due to difficulty with the web based chart organizer.

Our A/P department is also having to post to the General Ledger through web view. This is not a crisis but the database view was working perfectly and did not need change.

I would like Blackbaud to restore everything in database view and allow the customer the option to work in either view instead of forcing webview with reduced functions that make what was a simple task very difficult.

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  • Sep 1 2023
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    1 Sep, 2023 07:07pm

    I agree completely. Database functionality needs to be restored at least until webview has all the same features. A number of our processes are currently broken due to limitations of webview and functionality which has not yet been built out. This is very discouraging.