Ability to print or export a single Budget Adjustment

When a budget is finalized and you make adjustments you can click on the different adjustments on the side panel that pops up. It then opens a larger screen that shows what the original budget was and then subtracts or adds the adjustment from it showing the new budget. I would like to be able to easily export or print this area. We have to approve budget adjustments throughout the year with our board. You can't currently pull a report with only certain adjustments in it so if we could print/export this page then we can show the board what specifically changed for the exact adjustment that they are approving without having to save previous reports in excel and then manually adjust them each time for the new adjustments. You can currently screen shot this page which somewhat works but you can't adjust the width of the columns enough to make it more compact.

  • Kelsey Emerick
  • Jul 24 2023
  • No Status
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