Enhance ACH Payment Notification

Currently, the ACH Payment Notification Email that goes out to vendors when we pay bills does not have our organization's name or logo. It just has Blackbaud and Financial Edge identifiers - but our vendors don't know who that is. It would be great to reflect our company name and logo as part of the notification to the vendors would recognize it and not think it is SPAM.

  • Mike Zumbaugh
  • Jul 14 2023
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  • Anne Craige commented
    25 Aug 06:38pm

    I agree that this needs to be done before we can use the NXT email notification. We cannot send emails to our clients with Blackbaud info in them only. The only place to see our name is in the subject of the email. That isn't good enough.

  • Joyce Ma commented
    17 Jul 11:13pm

    Echo to this enhancement!