Access to previous versions of reports

I don't always save every version of every report that I run, but sometimes I would find it useful to open one of those previous versions that I ran but didn't save. Right now, the last several reports I ran show up in the bottom left corner of my screen as "popups" but they don't remain there for long. I have two problems with the current setup. 1) I would love to have access to some old reports that have disappeared, and 2) those popup boxes drive me crazy taking up valuable real estate on my screen. It would be so great if you'd stash those reports somewhere that we'd be able to access, but they wouldn't need to stay on my screen. I often have to delete them just so I can access what's hidden behind them, Then I no longer have access to them.

  • Susan Trippe
  • Mar 31 2021
  • Needs review
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