Separate Transation Date and Posting Date for Expense Mgmt Invoice Requests

It looks like all of the dates on an invoice request converge on one date that becomes the posting date.  This is a problem when the Invoice Date on an item that is being entered is in a closed period.  (A late submitted invoice.)  The system will not accept an Invoice Date in a closed period, nor does it allow a place to enter the posting date.  In the case of an invoice from a closed period, you are forced to change the Invoice Date to a date in the open period.  This will make it difficult to find the invoice back-up if you ever needed to pull it because the dates are wrong.  It also makes it confusing for folks entering invoices.

  • Kim Szalkus
  • Jan 29 2020
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  • Alexandra Demidova commented
    3 Aug, 2023 05:06pm

    Have the same issue. I suggest remapping post date to the date the document is created

  • Kim Szalkus commented
    5 Feb, 2020 03:33pm

    Hi Julia - We are in the process of trying to roll out expense management and specifically "My Invoice Requests" as a paperless office option.  (We already rolled out the credit card application.) When we roll this out, the folks entering the invoices will be non-accounting  field staff.  We are testing this functionality in our business office before we roll it out.  To answer your question, "quite a few".  In the business office, we enter invoices using the database view where we can enter all three dates (transaction, due date and posting date) at the time of entry.  We also know when a period is closed and can modify the posting date as needed.  And - the invoice retains all 3 dates.  When we roll out this functionality, the folks in the field will have no idea whether the period is closed or not, and quite frankly they should not have to.  They should be able to enter an invoice with the transaction date that is retained on the record, and ideally I would like it to default to the current open period for the posting date.  I almost never re-open a period once it is closed.  Hopefully this clarifies it for you.  If  you need more info please let me know.  Kim Szalkus

  • Julia Petit commented
    3 Feb, 2020 05:08pm

    Hi Kim,

    Thanks so much for the feedback. To help us understand this a bit more can you tell how often, in a month's time, you'll enter invoices to a close period? And can you tell us more about what you'd expect a user to do should they need to start entering an invoice to a closed period?