Calculation and rounding behind the scenes - FENXT

Some reimbursements are under partial cent amounts, like $0.125/unit instead of $0.12/unit. Currently there is no way to edit for those half-cents (or finer breakdowns). We need the ability to use at least three, possibly four decimal places on the setup for calculating mileage and some other elements for our various grants (Federal, State, etc.). We can set the amounts to four decimals in the Database View, but it has not synchronized with the calculations in FENXT, and FENXT will not allow input of more than 2 decimal places.

Users who have reimbursements that calculate to more than 2 decimal places will benefit from having accurate reimbursement and reporting. This is likely to especially benefit 501(c)3 organizations, federal contractors, and the like.

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  • Jan 15 2020
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