Additional features on EFT payment report - to allow addenda (often called a CTX file)

Currently the system generated file when paying a vendor in FE with an EFT does not allow additional information such as invoice number or account number. We have several vendors who will not accept EFT payment without this information attached (commonly referred to as a CTX file version of the NACHA). Without the options to add  addenda (I see that that is an option on the international wires) we are either having to continue cutting paper checks (which is a fraud risk), have to give the vendor our bank info to have them "pull" the money from our account (also a fraud risk), or to send an email to vendors who will allow the file but need confirmation from us (a very manual process). So this would take this decent product and make it great!

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  • Jan 13 2020
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  • Guest commented
    11 Apr 08:20pm

    Often times our vendors not only ask for an invoice number to be included in the remittance but also other special information such as adding our account number or a special event reference number. Would very much like to be able to customize the remittance email notice.

  • Susan Childs commented
    11 Apr 06:02pm

    Would love to see this option asap. We can pay vendor invoices but our grant payments require more detail be sent to the payee. Thanks!!

  • Guest commented
    15 Jul, 2021 03:53pm

    This feature is extremely important for the viability of EFT module. We pay tens of thousands of invoices a year and need the vendors to know specifically which are being paid. We can't implement ACH payments in my using FE without it. Please add this feature as soon as possible!

  • Guest commented
    8 May, 2020 08:52pm

    Due to COVID, we are transitioning all our payments from check to ACHs. We have to manually add the addenda in our bank for each of the ACHs we process as we can't get the invoice info be part of the NACHA file.

  • Leigh Schaefers commented
    26 Feb, 2020 03:35pm

    We use the EFT payment option on half of our vendors, but cannot use it for any of the larger national vendors as they require an invoice or customer ID number to accompany the EFT payment.  This would be a significant help in our payment processing as we work to migrate to all electronic payments.

  • Judee Geizer commented
    21 Feb, 2020 12:59pm

    We have the same issue as well.  We purchased the add-on EFT module in hopes that we could migrant most of our transactions to the EFT format (reduce fraud risk and lessen expense of check printing, mailing).  Same as the original post, vendors need to know which invoices are being paid by the transfer.  If it were a matter of just a few invoices, we could edit the format of the Blackbaud-created NACHA file in Notepad++, but we are processing many transactions and the chance for error is enormous given the specificity needed in the NACHA format. We also often process multiple invoices for the same vendor which adds another layer of complexity to editing the NACHA file as it stands now.  In order to use this module for our purposes, we will need to lease an ADDITIONAL third-party software package to create the appropriate NACHA file. We hope that the addition of the line "7" for comments in the Blackbaud product will be coming soon since most banks are promoting EFT as the preferred method of payment for business accounts.