Ability to format the column widths on the General Ledger Report

Currently the column widths are hard-keyed on the General Ledger Report. 

If the information being posted to the Reference section of the General Ledger Report is greater than 60 characters, it truncates the Reference section to the first 60 characters when you view the report.  In order to see that truncated section,  you must export the report to Excel and increase the Reference column width.  Then you will be able to see the complete Reference including all the characters after the initial 60. 

Having the ability to format the General Ledger Report by reducing the width of the Trans., Debit Amount, Credit Amount and Balance columns and increasing the width of the Reference column would allow the user to view additional characters in the Reference column without having to export the report to Excel each time.  An added bonus is when these reports are prepared and forwarded to others in the organization, the pdf report is sufficient and has all the detail.

Thank you for your consideration in this matter.

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  • Oct 30 2019
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