Let mandatory fields in Purchase Orders be editable under "Favorites" tab in order to become P.O. Templates

One of the tasks that must be completed each time a p.o. is created, is to complete repetitive information on the first page of the p.o. . There are three"mandatory" entries that have to be made: Vendor, Order date and Order From. Our health clinic has five different locations with different addresses and ship to's. It would be very helpful if that repetitive info was already in place by way of a Purchase Order Template, so we could save the p.o. as a template for each clinic.


I found in Financial Edge 7 where you can save p.o.'s in the "Favorites" tab. But the issue is this, if  different p.o. numbers are required for each document, as is the policy at our clinics, then the saved p.o. is useless  because making changes to saved p.o.'s in the "Favorites" folder is not possible. Those selections are "greyed out". But this would be good in the case of a Blanket Purchase Order where you charge all purchases to one p.o. for the entire year. But we don't use Blanket P.O.'s.


With all of this in mind, I'd like to suggest the following changes for saved P.O.'s so they can be used as Purchase Order Templates:


1. Once a p.o. is saved as a "template" under the "Favorites" tab, allow changes to the Vendor and Date fields.

2. In the Purchase Order Number field, add a drop down menu that will have these selections:


      "Do not change"

      "Leave blank"

      "Use next P.O. number in series"

      "Blanket Purchase Order"


3. Under the "Records/Purchase Orders/"What do you want to do" page", add a link to "Saved Purchase Order Templates" so there is easy access to those templates that have already been saved.


This way, the "cover" of the p.o. can be saved as a template for each vendor. It also covers all p.o. types and subsequently all of the "static" information will be saved or can be changed as required in the following blocks:

P.O Type, Status, Order From, Ship via, FOB, Terms, Buyer, Department, Confirm to, Ship to, Attention and Comments.


This would save a tremendous amount of time when creating p.o.'s if we could go to the "Favorites" tab, select the P.O. template we need and not have to fill out the repetitive information each time. And if one doesn't utilize the p.o. function as frequently as I do and as do many others, then there will be no changes.


Thank you for your consideration of this request. If I can be of service for this, I'd be glad to help in any way.


Stephan Dueboay


De Leon, Texas

254-893-5895 x1029


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  • Oct 29 2019
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