Edit Project ID after a transaction has been posted

It would be nice to go in and edit the project ID after the entry has been posted. I run into issues sometime when someone forgets to add the project code and then I have to reverse the entry and re-enter it.

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  • Aug 23 2019
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  • Jennifer Kurtz commented
    21 Oct, 2020 06:01am

    I understand the need to keep the audit trail. It would be nice to be able to exclude the original and reversal transactions. We're often moving expenses from one grant to another as time progresses, and it leaves for a lot of ins and outs that have to be sifted through before seeing what's actually left.

  • Guest commented
    13 Jan, 2020 04:07am

    I agree with this request.  This is  a problem to with T Codes and tracking funding when wanting to move an expense from one funder to another.  Seems like you should be able to track the audit trail without having to do the whole reversal and reenter.  Mucks up all of the entries when you only want to change one field. Other competitors have this capability, and its in the audit trail for that record. 

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    Eddie Barker commented
    28 Aug, 2019 02:49pm

    Project IDs are part of the audit trail that keeps FE in compliance. They can be edited up until the time the transaction is posted to GL. After that, it by necessity becomes a reversing/readd with the correct project ID, whether that happens from adjusting an invoice, etc., or directly in journal entry. Please let me know if you have questions. Thanks!

    Eddie Barker

    Product Manager, Financial Edge NXT