The ability for all users to see the rejected reason

Currently when an invoice is rejected only the initiator gets to see the rejection reason.  However as it goes through the approval rules, the approvers would also like to see the reason the invoice was rejected for a few reasons.  1) If it's the approver that rejected the invoice, they can't always remember why they rejected it which makes it harder to double check to see if the correct corrections have been made.  2) If there are multiple approvers on an invoice, and if it was the last approver that rejected the invoice, when the invoice cycles through the approval rules again, the other approvers currently have no idea why it was rejected and what to look they should be looking for.  For middle approvers, this could be used as a training too as some of our approvers may not have realized there was an issue with the invoice the first time around.  This could also help prevent the approval making all the way to the last approver again only to be rejected and start the cycle over and over again.  Any initial or middle approvers could interject sooner if they knew what error to check for.


One possible way this could potentially be accomplished is by adding the rejection reason to the history.

  • Regina Dodge
  • May 7 2019
  • Implemented
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