Given new recycling and trash crisis the nation is facing, can Blackbaud add a report allowing us to print check addresses onto envelopes?

I was recently informed that many recycling centers will no longer be accepting envelopes with plastic windows.  Since China is no longer buying our recycling (nor Europe's) recycling previously sold and sent to China is building up at docks in California until the Governor presumably allows municipalities to just dump all of the (now deteriorating) bundles of recycling into landfills.  As a result, many recycling entities are significantly reducing the amount of items that are considered "Recyclable" which can go into the recycling cans.  This will be occurring (if it hasn't already) throughout the country.  One of the many things removed from the once recyclable list is envelopes with windows, as the plastic cover renders the material non-reusable.  One small step the Finance Department has control over and can take (beyond just implementing electronic payments, which is unrealistic at this point full scale), to eliminate our "landfill waste" is to eliminate the use of window envelopes in the check cutting process.  That being said, can Blackbaud support entities in this effort by building a program that allows us to print vendor addresses onto blank envelopes after we cut checks?  This would be a huge help, and also secures payments a little by better hiding the fact that the envelope contains a negotiable instrument (i.e. check).  Thank you for your innovation and support!

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  • Oct 25 2018
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  • Julia Petit commented
    26 Oct, 2018 01:58pm

    Hello!  Thanks for submitting your idea.  We do have a couple of options in Mail.  If in Accounts Payable look for Labels, Cards and Envelopes.  In Payroll look for Labels and Envelopes.  Both areas allow for customization of what fields you want to print on the envelopes or labels we support. Hope this helps!