Please bring back defaults in the Deposit entry screen

I appreciate that we can now copy payments within a Deposit, but it was also very helpful to have the Default settings when entering a deposit. Specifically, I would always set a Payment Date and Payment Method default.  Copying an unrelated invoice from a deposit won't help in this case as I will just have to delete the description and account number that copied over.  

  • Courtney Garcia
  • Oct 22 2018
  • Future consideration
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  • Deleted User commented
    6 Nov, 2018 01:57pm

    Thanks for the feedback! When you get a chance, would you mind providing us with a few examples to help us better understand the differences with the defaults?

  • Courtney Garcia commented
    6 Nov, 2018 01:46pm

    That might work, but sometimes the default is just the payment date, sometimes it is the date and payment method.  It seems complicated to pick and choose those elements each time I copy a payment.  I would rather just have the defaults available for each deposit. 

  • Deleted User commented
    5 Nov, 2018 07:25pm

    Thanks for the suggestion! Another idea we could evaluate in the future is the ability to customize the type of information that copies over. Please let us know what your thoughts are about this! Thanks again